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Open days, nights and all weekend – so please feel free to complete the online enquiry form and we will email any information promptly!

Compare the policy benefits of up to 10 funeral insurance NZ plans including;

  • Cigna Funeral Insurance
  • AA Funeral Cover
  • Pinnacle Life Funeral Plan
  • Partners Life
  • AMI, State and others.

Let us shop around for the best funeral insurance and then you can choose for yourself. We will find you the lowest funeral cover premiums with our free advisory service.

Whether it is Cigna Funeral Insurance, AA Funeral cover, Pinnacle Life Funeral Plan or one of the others you are considering it pays to first compare them against a range of their competitors. We can do that for you easily and quickly.



Hi, I am Paul Woollams from the Insurance Helpline. I am a specialist in funeral insurance in NZ. There is virtually nothing I do not know about what is out there.Let me help you. I will;

  • email you comparative policy information from 10 leading insurers  in one easy to read chart and include
  • the lowest possible premiums from at least 5 top insurers


If you decide to proceed with any option that we suggest, then we help you arrange the cover and make sure everything is sorted for you. Our service is free and no obligation.


Funeral Insurance NZ – general information


Available to those currently aged 30 to 85 who are NZ citizens or residents living in NZ

Acceptance is guaranteed, no heath questions asked of you

Cover yourself from $5000 to $30000 – you choose the amount

Premiums are fixed for life, no age related annual increases

Claims are typically paid within 48 hours of evidence of your passing being provided

You nominate the person who the claim money will be paid to