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Cover Summary

  • If you are currently aged 50 to 75 and are a NZ citizen or resident who currently lives in New Zealand, we can help you arrange insurance, with a prominent NZ life insurer, for between $10000 and $25000 payable promptly when you pass away.
  • The sum insured is paid within 24-48 hours of satisfactory evidence of death being supplied to the insurance company.
  • There is no need to wait for your will to kick in, probate or any sort of claim investigation.
  • The money is quickly paid as a tax free, cash lump sum, for your nominated beneficiary to use for whatever purpose you instructed.
  • The claim proceeds are most commonly used the pay the immediate funeral costs, incidental costs for those travelling to the funeral or just to clear any small debt.

Premiums and Applications

  • The premiums are fixed with no age-related increases, no ongoing annual increases.
  • You will only ever pay to age 85 after which the cover continues for free
  • Acceptance of cover is guaranteed. You will never be asked any questions about your health.
  • Cover can be applied for online (with cover issued immediately) or through a paper form.

For more information….

  • Please complete the enquiry form on this page. This will tell us all we need to tell you how much the premiums are for you and how you can apply.
  • If you have a partner to include we will quote with the joint policy discounts.
  • We are insurance advisors and our service is free. Any insurance options we provide are guaranteed the same cost as if you apply with the insurer directly.

Special Offers

  • We will include details of any special offers. For example, right now, with one leading life insurer if you apply online within 72 hours of receiving our email with the brochure, full policy wording and quotes then we, Insurance Helpline, will provide a gift of 1 month premiums as soon as your first payment has been made to the insurance company and after 12 months will cashback 10% of all premiums paid to date.