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Life & Funeral Insurance

Compare up to 12 leading New Zealand life and funeral insurers in one place. Obtain free life insurance and funeral insurance quotes.

Health Insurance

Compare up to 6 leading New Zealand health insurers in one place. Obtain free health insurance quotes.

The Insurance Helpline is a leading New Zealand owned and operated insurance advisory service that is fully registered and accredited to handle all your insurance. We specialise in providing the widest possible range of insurer options so you can easily decide on the best option for you. Please complete any of our online enquiry forms at any time as we are on call virtually 24/7. We do our best to respond almost immediately.

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We can assist with funeral , life and health insurance.

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We work with many of the leading New Zealand insurers such as Sovereign Insurance, Pinnacle Life, Fidelity Life, nib, Southern Cross Healthcare, Greenwich Life, Accuro Insurance and others.

Our products

We can assist you with comparative information and quotes for life insurance, funeral insurance, health insurance, trauma / critical care insurance, disability /income insurance and mortgage insurance.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance will provide your loved ones with a cash payment should you pass away or become terminally ill.

The money can be used to provide financial support after you have passed. Life Insurance is especially important to consider if you have a partner, dependant children or a mortgage.

You should select an amount of life insurance that is both sufficient to support your family while also remaining affordable.




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Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance is a popular option for older folk (in particular) to cover the cost of their funeral expenses.

This removes the burden of additional financial pressures at any already stressful time. Funeral Insurance cover can range from $5000 to $30000 and is typically available for those aged 30-85 at time of application.

Acceptance is guaranteed with no health questions asked. Premiums are also fixed so they do not increase yearly as you age.



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Health Insurance

Health Insurance allows you to bypass the public hospital waiting lists to allow you to quickly have your treatment in a private hospital.

Ideal for anyone who seeks to be able to have any hospitalisation or surgery immediately rather that be at the mercy of a waiting list which could be never ending.

You can have cover for hospitalisation and surgery only or you can extend to cover specialist and diagnostic testing fee. Dental and GP fee options also exist.
Options now exist for online applications with full automatic acceptance if certain, good health, criteria is met.

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