Avail a special offer of 20% rebate on the premium of the first year of your insurance policy!

Insurance Helpline is offering a 20% rebate on the Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Income Insurance or Mortgage Insurance policies that they arrive on behalf of their customers. This is a genuine offer to their customers in appreciation of their business. The customer is entitled to a 20% rebate on the annual premium of first year once the above mentioned insurance policy is accepted & issued by the NZ Life Insurance provider.

The Insurance Broker at Insurance Helpline can easily calculate the rebate amount being offered on the basis of the annual standard premium amount of the insurance policy under consideration. To get this special offer, the person who wishes to get insured must complete an application form with Insurance Helpline within 7 days of their initial inquiry.

However, the Insurance Helpline does not offer this special rebate on Medical Insurance, Health Insurance or Funeral Insurance although other offers may apply for those covers.

About the company

Insurance Helpline is a team of highly experienced Insurance Brokers that operates within New Zealand only. They deal in funeral insurance, mortgage insurance, health insurance, trauma insurance, income insurance and above all life insurance. Well thought of as a Life Insurance broker in NZ, they offer a 24 x7 free phone service. During the phone conversation the person can acquire guidance on various types of insurance policies from the insurance experts and decide which plan to opt for.

Their panel of insurers includes One Path, Sovereign Insurance, nib, Southern Cross Healthcare, Accuro Health Insurance, Pinnacle Life, AIA Life, Dorchester Life, Fidelity Life, Southern Cross Travel and many more. They offer online and manual forms of application and assists the customers get Life Insurance Quotes from many available providers in NZ. This can be helpful in selecting the right kind of policy from a range of leading insurance companies without the hassle of contacting each one of them. Prior to even deciding on an insurance plan, free advice can always be availed from their skilled panel of insurance brokers.