Mortgage Insurance

Insurance to pay your monthly mortgage amount if you cannot work due to injury / illness or if you pass away the total mortgage can be paid off.

Important note: Mortgage Insurance is a complex type of insurance that is often misunderstood so it is vital to get the right advice at the application stage or you may end up not having the cover you thought you had when you go to claim. Ring us or complete our enquiry form below and we will provide all the help you need at no cost.

Let a mortgage insurance protect you so you do not lose your home if you get sick or pass away.  We will provide quotes and policy information so you can choose what is best for you.

We deal with many of the leading providers of mortgage insurance such as Sovereign Insurance, Tower Insurance, One Path Life, Fidelity Insurance, AXA Insurance and others . Ask about our 20% rebate offer also. 

Mortgage Insurance
is a possible combination of Life, Loan / Income Protection and Redundancy Insurance. We represent a large number of Insurance Companies so we are always likely to be able to source a specific product or cover that meets your personal requirements.

Please complete the form below and an expert Insurance Advisor will be in touch with no obligation advice.