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We offer low cost Life Insurance or Funeral expense cover with top insurers.  Tax free cash is paid on your passing or diagnosis of terminal illness.  

Life cover premiums start at $15.60 per month for $100000 cover (healthy non smokers aged to 44). Funeral expense cover quotes are available for those 50 aged 75. Free quotes 24/7 – online by clicking the image or by completing our form.

For NZ citizens, residents or those with at least a 2 year work visa. If you are new to NZ we can assist you with extra help to understand the insurances; half our recent enquiries are from Filipino or Indian clients so we know how to help you.

We can also help with health insurance or for loss of income if you are seriously ill. Complete the form and show cover sought in the comments box.  

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You can get immediate life insurance or funeral insurance quotes, and then apply online if you wish, by clicking on the blue image.

Or for our email with a full range of quotes please complete the full enquiry form.

Please complete our enquiry form and we will provide quotes and comparative information by return email within a few hours. 
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If you have a current life insurance policy then you may be able to switch and save 20% off your existing premiums, eligibility is mainly dependant on your recent health.
Please complete the enquiry form and we will provide details by email.