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We offer low cost Life Insurance with top insurers.  

Lower premiums than you think. Premiums start at $15.60 per month for $100000 cover (healthy non smokers aged to 44). Let us quote you today.

Life Insurance for NZ citizens, residents or those with at least a 2 year work visa usually comes with no stand down period but acceptance is dependant on your health. But we also have an option where no health questions are asked at all, this is a good option for some.  

A life cover claim is paid on your passing or on diagnosis of a terminal illness. You choose the cover amount from $100000 to $1.5M.   You can also add extra death by accident cover or a large lump payment if diagnosed with a critical illness (such as cancer, heart attack etc).

Get a quote and then apply using our secure link today.

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You can get immediate life insurance or funeral insurance quotes, and then apply online if you wish, by clicking on the blue image.

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Please complete our enquiry form and we will provide quotes and comparative information by return email within a few hours. 
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If you have a current life insurance policy then you may be able to switch and save 20% off your existing premiums, eligibility is mainly dependant on your recent health.
Please complete the enquiry form and we will provide details by email.