Funeral Insurance

Compare 10 NZ Funeral Plans. NZ's widest range of Funeral Cover options. Free & immediate advice.     

Please complete the confidential enquiry form below and you will shortly receive; 

  • A personalised email summarising all of the main options available to you to cover funeral costs (guaranteed acceptance funeral plans with fixed premiums,10 year only premiums, premiums capped at no more then the cover amount, life insurance as an alternative, self-insuring etc)
  • Details of any special / gift offers available eg one option currently has 2 months free 
  • A range of comparative funeral plan quotes (at least 5 insurers) in one simple chart for ease of reading
  • Our easy to follow chart comparing the policy benefits of many main insurers including Cigna Life, AA Life, Pinnacle Life, AMI, State, Fidelity Life, AIG Life, Greenwich Life, Partners Life and others
If you have current funeral or life insurance and want to save money then we may be able to assist there too.

Funeral Insurance important points;

  • Guaranteed acceptance, no medical questions asked, one page applications
  • We have funeral cover options for those aged 30-75 and cover from $5000 to $30000
  • Premiums are fixed for life (and in some cases free after a certain age)
  • Cash is paid to your beneficiary within 48 hours usually to pay your funeral costs
There are so many funeral insurers, cover types and options that it is almost impossible for you to know what might be best for you. Within a couple of hours we can unravel everything that is out there for you in a simple to read email.


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