Funeral Insurance

Compare 10 NZ Funeral Plans. Funeral cover options for ages 30-75 are available. Choose from NZ's largest selection of funeral covers at direct prices 24/7. And also see who has the lowest premiums.    

All policies we promote have premiums that do not increase as you get older, they are fixed for life. Also acceptance is guaranteed with no health questions asked. Some other popular funeral plans currently come with;

  • The first 2 months rebated back to you
  • Premiums that cease at age 85 with cover free after that
  • Promotional discounts of 10% for up to the first 24 months

We are open days, nights & weekends. Please complete the enquiry form below and promptly receive more details about the above offers (that are available to you) and also a comparison chart with  policy information from;

  • Cigna Life, AA Life, Pinnacle Life, AMI, State, Fidelity Life, AIG Life, Greenwich Life, Partners Life & others.

And also, so you can compare costs we will show you the premiums from at least 5 leading NZ funeral insurers. The premiums shown will be no more than if you approach all the insurers directly (depending on your age sometimes 5 options are not possible).    

So, you will shortly receive;

  • A wide range of comparative funeral cover quotes in one simple chart for ease of reading
  • Our easy to follow chart comparing the policy benefits of many main insurers (currently 12)
  • Brochures and application forms of recommended options, to help if you want to proceed
  • Details of any special or free month offers (one offer currently has up to 2 months free).

For a speedy, and comprehensive, emailed (or posted) response please complete the confidential enquiry form below or if you prefer you can telephone us free on 0508 746 488. 

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