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Are funeral insurance plans all different? how many funeral covers should I compare before buying?

1 December 2017 12:47am

It is important to know that not all funeral insurance plans are the same. Yes, they all provide a cash sum on your passing with the main purpose of helping to pay your funeral costs but the reality is there are lots of subtle differences between funeral insurance in New Zealand.

Do not limit yourself to comparing the premiums and policy benefits of just one of two insurers, nor just stick with the most common name brands like Cigna Funeral Insurance or the AA Funeral Plan. There are up to a dozen viable options with some being insurers that are not so well known. A number of niche type insurers specialise in Funeral Insurance NZ so it pays to have a good look around before purchasing.

A key to the success at the Insurance Helpline is that we are not a single insurer like a Cigna, AA, AMI etc. When you approach those insurers they tell you about their product and you do not really get a sense of how it might compare with any other funeral cover.

Whereas we will provide comparative product information from at least 10 different funeral plans and also provide premiums estimates from at least 5 insurers (assuming your meet age entry criteria for that many).

With us you can shop around but you can do it in once place. Feel free to complete the no obligation enquiry form on our website and we will provide a wide range of options for your consideration. Then if one option stands out for you we can assist to purchase the cover at no cost for our service.