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Who buys Funeral Insurance? what age groups etc actually purchase cover?

5 September 2017 6:48pm

The ages of those who buy funeral insurance is surprisingly diverse. For a real life snap shot here are the ages and sexes of the 10 most recent policies we have arranged for our clients.

Male (70) and Female (67)
Female (57)
Female (48)
Male (72)
Female (65)and Male (67)
Male (53) and Female (46)
Female (70)
Male (55) and Female (52)
Female (60)
Female (59)

This is a one off snap shot so you can read in to it whatever you wish but interestingly 5 of the 10 were for individual females and the ages ranged from 48 to 70. A lot of people think funeral insurance is for those 65-70 plus but a lot of people younger than that also see benefits, one of which is that the fixed premiums are set based on your current age so the younger you are when buying funeral cover the lower the premiums indefinitely.

Realistically affordability may be easier if you are still working too which may assist the under 65's to buy. Those over 65 tend to look at the lower cover levels for affordability reasons.