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Funeral Insurance options are now available that have premiums ceasing at age 85 with cover free after that

12 July 2016 11:51pm

Unlike most insurance types where you may not not ever end up claiming there is an inevitability about funeral covers. Sooner or later (hopefully later) a claim will be paid so at least you know your premiums are going to a good cause.

Ideally, we all hope that the total we pay in premiums will not significantly exceed the amount of cover if we live a very long healthy life.

One of the insurers we have access to ceases premiums at age 85 and the cover continues for free until claim time. At least this gives you some peace of mind that there is a fixed cost you will pay over the period of insurance and it is not never ending!

This policy is available to those currently aged 30 to 75 so when you enquire about funeral cover with us we will always mention this option along with any others that may be suitable for you.