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Arranging funeral insurance for your parents or other close family members is now easy for those times when they are not capable (or willing) to sign

12 July 2016 11:35pm

Generally an insurance policy, such as for funeral cover, requires the signature of the person to be insured. Most insurers follow this rule.

We do however have access to an insurer who will allow a close family member to be shown as the policy owner and therefore can sign the application without any involvement of the person to be insured. That person can also be shown as the beneficiary and make the premium payments if they wish.

This option will overcome the problem you may have when a loved one has health issues preventing them from understanding the insurance and therefore signing or even the situations where you just do not want them to know for whatever reason.

We get a lot of these situations so are pleased we can now help you. If you want to know more just add a comment about your requirements when you complete the general enquiry form on the funeral insurance page of our website. We will let you know how it all works by email.