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Do you currently have life insurance?

You may be paying too much for your life insurance. In fact you are quite possibly paying 20% too much right now. 

Let us tell you if you can save 20% today!  

If you are still in much the same health as you were when you took out your current life insurance then our switch and save 20% off your current premium option may be available to you right now. 

You can keep the same sum insured amount and just pay 20% less each year, not just for one year, The 20% reduction is ongoing and applies every year.

You can make a no obligation online application to the insurance company and if your application is accepted you can then decide whether to proceed or not (but why wouldn't you!). Much better to have this money in your pocket rather than the insurers pocket. Only once you have accepted the new cover would you cancel your current policy.

While you can keep the same cover amount it is possible the new policy may have slightly different terms and conditions so you would consider that at the time you receive an offer of terms for the new, lower premium, life insurance. 

Please complete the life insurance enquiry form to the right and we will provide more details by email including a link to make an online, no obligation, application today.  

Or, to just apply right now for the life insurance with the 20% lower premiums then just click here and once you reach the insurer site look for the section called 'Switch to us'

For details of our 20% switch and same option please complete the form below  and we will reply by email promptly.

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