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Life Insurance, Life Insurance Quotes

There are many options for life insurance in New Zealand. It can be daunting to decide who has the best cover when you have up to 12, maybe more, insurers out there. 

We will help you, we shop around so you do not have to.  

We deal with insurers such as Sovereign Insurance, Fidelity Life, Pinnacle Life, One Path, AIA Life and another half dozen or so who may be good options in certain circumstances. 

To help you, when you complete the online enquiry form to the right, we will source 5-6 of the best covers and quotes in order to present to you a comparison of what is out there. So, we will send you an email with the range of quotes and any recommendations we may have for you.   

If you then wish to proceed with any option we can guide you through the process and act on your behalf with the insurer to get the best possible terms for you.  

Life Insurance NZ, Life Insurance, Life Insurance Quotes

You can choose your level of life insurance. How much you need is dependant on your personal circumstances, for example do you have dependant children (especially school age) or a mortgage. 

You would normally want to leave behind enough money to clear the mortgage and to provide a sufficient cash reserve to ensure the family can financially survive for some reasonable time without undue burden. But we always want to make sure the premiums are affordable too so this can sometimes affect the level of cover you purchase. 

If you have a current life insurance policy then you may be able to switch and save 20% off your existing premiums, eligibility is mainly dependant on your recent health.  

Please complete the enquiry form and we will provide details by email. 

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